Manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to improve wastewater quality. Water authorities with reviewed Mogden formulation costs and higher landfill charges lead to manufactures reviewing their treatment plants. What was uneconomical is now often essential. 
Reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Suspend solids (Ss) gives direct cost savings. 
One option is to have a mechanical and chemical process. To maximise efficiency and thus reduce capital outlay the answer is - Biological.
The main purpose of a biological treatment plant is to break down waste organics. Their performance and cost effectiveness is highly dependent on the microbe strains present. When correctly selected they will reduce ‘Chemical Oxygen Demand’ (COD) and ‘Suspended solids’ (Ss) two of the main factors for utility bills. 
Waste is reduced to Co2 and Water. 
Bacteriological products are able to improve and even completely replace the more traditional chemical systems.
Where ZhongRui excels is in selecting the best multi strained product and identifying the nutrients required for optimum performance.
By selecting the appropriate strains, based on qualified experience and analysis of waste samples, ZhongRui’s products can give significant improvements.
Numerous products are available, rather than giving long lists tell us your requirements and we will give you the best solution.
A dairy product site had to drop a large quantity of milk fats. The plant overloaded resultingin watercourse pollution
By the addition of EU10 the plant was soon back in consent 
Overloaded Plant : Increased flow rates and tightening consent limits push plants beyond their designed capacity. By improving performance without capital outlay, targets can still be achieved.
Nitrification: EU10 Converts harmful ammonia to nitrites and finally to nitrogen for discharge to atmosphere. Naturally occurring bacteria in activated sludge systems are slow to grow, often taking 12 to 16 hours to multiply. They are highly oxygen sensitive and frequently need replacing. Our products supplement the existing stock and where required re seed following toxic shock or for new installation.
Sludge Enhancement : EU10 Improved dewatering with faster settlement and reduction of solids to landfill by more efficient degradation
Toxic Shock: Cleaning in place chemicals can kill off the biomass due to their antibacterial qualities, reseeding the correct product will quickly restore the balance.
Suspended Solids: The more efficient the biological element of a plant the fewer small particle solids will be carried over. A well balanced system will also require less chemical addition. 
COD Reduction: Final discharge can often appear clear yet have high COD levels. Sugar, starch and other dissolved solids are almost impossible to remove by mechanical process. By using broad spectrum products that can cope with variable waste, high rates of degradation can be achieved. 
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