Shaanxi Zhong Rui Biological Technology Limitied Company is a professional company specializing in studying and researching, managing and selling the microbic products. The major products are “Fast-Sile Lactobacillus”
” and it is series microbic manufactured goods. The company also produces and sells the biological additives of forage, biological active forage, a series fermented feed from apple residue, high-quality forage and biological organic fertilizer.
  Our series liquid-products which is called “Fast-Sile Clear”for cleaning and clearing up bad smell are the new type products of the green environmental protection. It is the pure biological liquid without any poison, stimulus and remains.
  Our range of silage additives increase production from home grown forage, maximising profitability. The biological additives contain unique Lactobacillus and Clostridiaphage microorganisms, that rapidly ferment ensiled forage. These inoculants are especially suitable for grass, and are distributed under many brand names including " Fast-Sile Lactobacillus ".
Other naturally derived products Probiotics which based on lactic acid bacteria are especially useful in young animals, where digestive upsets are greatly reduced. ZhongRui  leads in biotechnology and is committed to finding safe and effective approaches that improve profitability for the farmer.
  Our Series products “Fast-Sile Clear” remove contamination from Waste Water, Contaminated Land and Air Emissions.
Our provide solutions that are reliable, cost effective and safe.

FS for pig
FS for Silage
FS for Feed
FS Clear EU-10
FS Clear EU-20
FS Clear EU-40
FS Clear EU-50
Organic manure
Fermented apple
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